MASE is a professional association of licensed site evaluators in the State of Maine. Site evaluators are licensed by the state to investigate soils, topography, drainage, and other site conditions and features in order determine the site’s suitability for subsurface wastewater disposal, and to recommend and design appropriate subsurface disposal systems in compliance with current technology and state rules. All non-engineered onsite subsurface disposal systems installed in Maine must be designed by a licensed site evaluator.


The Maine Association of Site Evaluators is a non-profit Association incorporated in the State of Maine. It was formed to advance the prestige of Site Evaluators through establishment, promotion and maintenance of both ethical and performance standards. Although represented by several different disciplinary backgrounds, the association has adopted a mutual attitude emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of the field of site evaluation, and accepting the role which each discipline can play in the association seeks to promote the ability of site evaluators to serve the public and to contribute to social and environmental well-being.


  1. The advancement of the professional, the social and the economic interests of the Site Evaluator
  2. The improvement of the public relations and the cultivation of public appreciation of the work of the Site Evaluator
  3. The uniting of all Site Evaluators of the State into one organization.
  4. The advancement of public welfare including furtherance of the public awareness and the understanding of the plumbing Code Part I, Subsurface Waste Water Disposal of the State of Maine and of the modern waste disposal processes which affect the Maine landscape and human environment
  5. To inform members and other interested persons of current and planned site evaluation programs in Maine.
  6. The consideration of and attention to legislation affecting the Site Evaluator.
  7. The establishment and maintenance of high ethical and moral standards and practices.
  8. To provide a financial base to publish and distribute a periodic newsleter, to cover matters of technical and general interest, and to announce future association meetings.
  9. To be exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations under section 501 (c), (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 as amended.
  10. To administer gifts, contributions, and bequests.