Reference Documents


Municipal Wastewater Survey compiled by MASE
Vernal Pools: One Consultants Perspective by David Marceau, from Jan, 2009 Newsletter
“Follow Manufacturer’s Recommendation” by David Marceau, from September 2008 Newsletter
MASE Organizational Documents
Chapter 241 –¬†Maine Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules -2023 (link updated 12/26/23)

MASE Technical Seminar Powerpoint Presentations(in PDF format)

2012 Annual Meeting Composting Toilets
Ethics Discussion
Ethics Scenarios
Maine Huts & Trails
Pumps & Tanks
Rules Update
Subsurface Rules History
2010 Field Day 2010 Field Day Test Pit Review
2009 Field Day 2009 Field Day Test Pit Review by Doug Coombs
2009 Annual Meeting Effects of Water Treatment on Septic Systems by Jeff Twitchell, Air & Water Quality Inc.
Shoreland Zoning Update by Rich Baker, Maine DEP
2008 Field Day 2008 Field Day Test Pit Review by Doug Coombs
2008 Annual Meeting Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center by George Heufelder, Test Center Director
2007 Annual Meeting Vernal Pools by Mike Mullen, Maine DEP.
SepticCAD design software.
2006 Annual Meeting Beyond the Mottles by Dave Rocque, Maine State Soil Scientist.
Regulating Significant Wildlife Habitat by Mary Pierce.
2002 Annual Meeting MASE Maine Septic System Inspection Guidelines
Inspection Guidelines Presentation