New state policy is requiring all MeCDC online rules be located in one place now, and all MeCDC websites redirect their rules links to that site.  To that end Jim Jacobsen has updated the Subsurface Wastewater Team (SWT) website.  The links to the current and historic rules are now in the right hand column under “Featured Links”.  The rules page for SWT now contains only the historic rules for reference use.

The link takes you to a “home page” for rulemaking.  The rules now are listed in the “CDC Rules” link at the bottom of the page.   For current rules, most are listed in the “environmental” menu.  The SE rules are listed in the “licensing” menu.  To get a copy of the rules, click on the link in the first paragraph.

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Contact Jim Jacobsen with questions:

Below is a link to download the rules directly, and it has been updated on the MASE website also, under the Info tab > Reference Documents.

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