Greetings fellow MASE members.
For those of you who were somehow not aware of our project in Warren, MASE just put in a septic system. The project was undertaken to support the Midcoast Maine Habitat for Humanity’s most recent project.

This project is something that we as an organization should be quite proud of. We are really getting out into the community and making a difference by using our skills and expertise to improve the lives of our fellow Mainers.

This project would not have been possible without the support of American Concrete, Benner Excavation, Construction Consultants, EJ Prescott, Eagle Rental, Eljen Corporation, George C Hall and Sons Inc., and McGee Construction.

We also had the support of Russ Martin, Dave Studer, Joe Labranche, Colin Kelly and son, Bryanna Denis, Richard Green, Kyle Hockmeyer, Scott Bickford, and Melody Sainio.

Lastly, but also deserving of thanks was our own President, Tim Wade, presiding over the project, running the controls, and running the show to make sure this project was executed successfully.

All those listed above deserve our gratitude and a real pat on the back. Next time you see any one listed here, make sure they know you recognize their efforts and appreciate their fantastic representation of our association in the public eye.


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