Thanks for checking out the new MASE website. Please take some time to look around as things have changed. Members please register so you can be added to the members page and start participating in the discussion on the forum!  Beginning March 1 the /temp will go away along with the old site!  Until then this site is still under construction.  If you missed the 2015 Annual Conference, we had some great discussions regarding the Voluntary Septic System Inspection Certification Program and the need for a Site Evaluator Educational or Internship Program.  We also elected a new slate of officers, you can find them here.  The Board will be discussing these topics and more at the next meeting on 3-11-15 in Augusta.  We will also begin a discussion of these topics on our new forum page here.

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  1. Members- Please remember to open your profile by clicking on your name, and set your location so you can be entered into the Find a SE tool.

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