Your MASE Board, spearheaded by Vice President Dave Moyse and with input from other members have prepared a revised copy of our constitution and bylaws.  This is the clean version.  This version tracks all changes that were made.   This summary outlines most of the revisions.   As per our constitution,  the MASE membership will vote on the revisions.  Please comment by responding to this post.  This will be a topic of discussion at the Annual Meeting on February 23rd.

4 Responses to Important! Updated proposed Constitution and Bylaws revision.
  1. Couple of generally minor things 1) I suggest adding a statement somewhere that an Annual Financial Statement shall be presented to the membership. I think it is implied, but not really required by direct reference. 2) Article VI Section 2 uses the language 8 Officers “shall” be elected, but then section 5 says that the past president position is a “courtesy” position that “may” serve on the Board. so if a past president decides not to serve, that could raise an issue with respect to whether you have 8 Board members and also could affect the quorum of 5 members. 3) Constitution and By Laws seem to do away with “Executive Board” terminology, so remove”Executive” from Article II (section 1) of By Laws that states dues will be determined by the “Executive” Board. 4) Suggest changing title of Article II of By Laws from “Executive Board” to “Board Duties”.

  2. Hello, I was just wondering why a “Conflict of Interest” section is needed. What types of “Transactions” is this section speaking to?

    • Thanks Mike….ya, I noticed a few of these items and conflicts since the draft was sent out….so will make a note and make revisions accordingly before the meeting and final version presented. We didn’t do away with the terminology “Executive Board”…after the first page or so it is referred to it as the “Board”…to minimize wording…that;’s all.

      Thx again for taking the time to review it. Most of us on the Board have looked at it so many times that we certainly may have missed some things.

    • Hey Lee,

      This Article was suggested as being noticeably absent from our Constitution as it is included in those of other organizations, so we inserted it. It is fairly general, and may need some more work, but typically transactions are “financial gains” of some kind that could create a conflict sometimes if the LSE or Board Member is not careful. It was meant to add some basic thoughts on the issue….


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