We have our final location!

Join us Friday, 09/29/2017 for our Annual Field Day at the Stevenson Farm in Wayne. The starting point will be at Stevenson’s Strawberries on Tucker Road.

Here is a link to the location on a Google Map

Stevenson’s Strawberries – Google Maps

We will plan to begin again this year at 8:00am with the traditional “Tour of the Test Pits”.

We will have packets available to help navigate to pit locations along with coffee and donuts to start the day.

Around 11:15 we will congregate back at the parking area at the Farm where we started the day for lunch. Infiltrator will be giving a product presentation and will also be generously sponsoring our lunch for the day. We will wrap up the day with  review and discussion of the pits.  If you have access to a folding chair, please bring one!   Infiltrator is being gracious in providing us lunch, please be sure to say thanks at the event.

Please register for the event by completing the Google Form,

If possible, pay with PayPal and write your name in the memo box.

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